Blunts Only Please

by Shaizy

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    Download my first mixtape Blunts Only Please. Vancouver all day. 11 tracks to smoke to, and a bonus free verse track. Email me at to inquire about hard copies, $10 each. The first 100 copies come with a free package of blunt wraps (contains 2 wraps per package). Dropping December 22nd for digital distribution, cop the tape and B.O.P (Blunts Only Please) your head to the goddamn beat. Fly clothes and moccasins, Shaizy blunts on the daily!




Live once, fuck regrets!


released December 22, 2010

Mixed and mastered by AstroLogical



all rights reserved


Shaizy Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: The Thrill Remix (Prod. Empire of The Sun)
Searching for the thrill, the thrill of it
I’m smoking blunts and you knowing what I’m filling with
Going through six hundred since April and I’m still with this… ha, yeah

Uh every word I spit first I sit and wrote it
Sure I ain’t from Pittsburgh but kicking dope shit
I live in Van, sticking with the piff in my hand
Take you on a big chocolate carpet ride flying with the potent
Some peeps feel the need to read schools a big component
But I live for the thrills of life, heartbeat through my clothing
So you go ahead and judge my route in the music
Or the booth on the L I’m hitting deuce

{Walking on a dream
How can I explain
Talking to myself
Will I see again}

(Ah, Actually we only smoke blunts man, ya your mistaken
Uh Huh, just do what I do you know cuz like, the thrill of life is amazing
All my friends, I see them in school and struggling with class
And I’m just smoking hash all day, you know
And fucking working hard, and getting shit in, but…)

{We are always running for the thrill of it, thrill of it
Always pushing up the hill searching for the thrill of it
On and on and on we are calling out and out again
Never looking down, I'm just in awe of what's in front of me}

And I’m, Elmo eyed until the end
Living life, chilling with real friends
Sweet natural puffing great weed
Thrill of it on the daily

(Ha, you know it’s a, it’s a crazy feeling
Not having shit to do, no rules to follow
I’m done with that shit, blunts till my death)

Rock phat shows for this art Van Gogh
Play the game and to start pass go
Fell behind and now I caught up
Spitting Rhymes while all the homies sipping my vodka
Any thoughts well then just write up on the page
Practice, record, then light it up on stage
Fans crazed and this ain’t a phaze
How am I supposed to act my age, K-I-D, now lemme play

{We are always running for the thrill of it, thrill of it
Always pushing up the hill searching for the thrill of it
On and on and on we are calling out and out again
Never looking down, I'm just in awe of what's in front of me}

(Yeah, uh huh, blunts only)

{We are always running for the thrill of it, thrill of it
Always pushing up the hill searching for the thrill of it
On and on and on we are calling out and out again
Never looking down, I'm just in awe of what's in front of me}

[Chorus] x2

{Catch me I'm falling down
Catch me I'm falling down
Don't stop just keep going on
I'm your shoulder lean upon
So come on, deliver from inside
All we got is tonight that is right till first light}

(Ha, yeah, been doing this
What is it 7, 8 blunts deep right now, I can barely see dude
But like I said, we do it for the thrill of it, shit feels good right now
So just take the kush, break it up, sprinkle it into another one
You don’t got any blunt wraps that’s cool
Grab a dutch, or a pompom, fuck even grab a swisher if you have to
You know, I’ma stay at this, Its what I do…)
Track Name: Movin' (Prod. Pretty Lights)
Movin’ Lyrics

Blunts only please, Shai Mate, Vancouver
I get a good feeling, yeah, uh huh

For the longest time been high and still floating
Rise up in motion, skies over ocean
Sick illest durability, skill set to spit earn it willingly
It’s killing me standing watching Hip Hop die
The love of my life starring straight into her eyes
Picking a time and I’m saying its now
In the game playing around, breaking the ground
Stoners in school smoking weed in alleys
Long journey through peaks and valleys
Trains, planes, schedules to meet, talented beat makers say R-I-S-E to the challenge
Ain’t easy to fathom but need me to progress
Movin’ my feet to reach the next step
This staircase leads to airplay, Ingest THC that meets your airways
Shit has been approved listen to my groove
With your own two eyes watch as I begin to move
New heights climbed getting high up in the booth
It’s time to find a dime pick the finest bitch to choose
Dreams rocking shows at stadiums
Topless hoes at the top of the gradient
Sponsored clothes, a logo with my face in it
Non-profit place you can know what amazing is
Chasing this but then again
I’m a mix of Asher Roth, Method Man, and Eminem
Fans taking pics say they need to text their friends
‘He looking sexy, but he sounding like a gentleman’
Let Shai comply with the movement
Stand up if you’re tired of losing
Admire and prove ain’t no time to be losing, remember this feeling when we finally movin’, like…

{Oooh, sometimes I get a good feeling, yeah
Get a feeling that I never, never, never had before oh no
I get a good feeling, yeah}
Track Name: Im Thankful (Prod. Outkast)
I’m Thankful Lyrics

If you grew up in a house with a broken home
Or if you broke up with a spouse leave your phone alone
No support, feel I lost my ankle
Hope swore and speak to god I’m thankful

Uh tell me how to see the earth
When thirty percent the world wasn’t free at birth
Blood diamond slaves, hands and feet to dirt
Whole life is pain when they breathe it hurts
And when I breathe the herb I relieve
The stress I was feeling concurs, I believe
Stir in my dreams kicking it back
Reminisce in the past, dad on a flipping mission for cash
Friction to rash, love round my whole childhood
Friends the ground flint and spark my soul the firewood
Caught me standing there where that liar stood
Peepsing my reflection deception maybe try for good
Should I stay addicted to inebriation?
Or convey constriction to my recreation
Complete invasion of appreciation
Despite life mistakes I’m discreetly making

[Chorus] x2

Some folk brought up through poverty
Others encompass crimes dope robbers and thieves
I’m a thinker bout to influence the scene
Not gonna walk away from the crack binge in the street
Go down there straight to Main and Hastings
Traumatic abuse manifests pain’s a wasting
Homeless world I toss her some change
While government turned its back and is walking away
Sometimes I feel like a dog in the stray
Hip hop is my crate lock it cuz I’m marking my place
How would you feel if you lost in your way?
Rap and chronic to blaze saved and popped in your face
Uh I needed a different point of view
To see I was conceded smoke a joint or two
Sit back enjoy the food this my point to prove
Think what you got thank god and don’t avoid the truth

[Chorus] x2

I been told that I wasted my year
Stay on a path that’s less traveled never taken by peers
My life’s a drink and your shaking my beer
‘Son driving drunk stinks’ so I’m changing my gears
Some things stuck staying automatic
Spend a buck see things and say I gotta have it
See the problem hatching but we call it drastic
Coincidence the poor the ones that caught in traffic
Hmm that I think not
Thoughts are my caps and raps my slingshot
Taught from the past to blast and bring stop
But pot is my stash my ass is king pot ha
It’s just the way I see it
Don’t follow leaders to run away and leave it
Own fathers beaten they sons that pray for freedom
Meanwhile you spark a blunt don’t join ‘em if you can beat ‘em

[Chorus] x3

{Speak to god I’m thankful
Speak to god I’m thankful
I’m thankful
I’m thankful

If you grew up in a house with a broken home
Or if you broke up with a spouse leave your phone alone
No support, feel I lost my ankle
Hope swore and speak to god I’m thankful
Track Name: Puttin' It Down (Prod. J Dilla)
Puttin’ It Down Lyrics

Uh, uh huh, blunts only

[Background] x2
{Puttin’ it down, puttin’ it down
Puttin’ down coming good with the sound}

A lot of artists on the Internet make song and put ‘em up
Not us, we, uh, put it down

Puttin’ down for the goblins and villains
The cops the children pot smokers and the dealers
Cuz everybody wants a piece of the cake
Greedy people want it free when it’s easy to bake
‘N’-‘B’ to the ‘A’ nothing but anticipation
Ask homies bout my tape at the bus stop catch ‘em waiting
‘R’-‘E’-‘S’-‘P’-‘E’-‘C’-‘T’ find out what it means to me blazing
Franklins my preference, Aretha the reference
Chocolate carpet ride roll weed blunts I’m destined
Expensive when you’re in a platinum store
Puttin’ down records footed like they’re laminate floor
Crashing the course, practicing sport
Tap whores in my pajamas till she asking for more
My passion is raw like Asher to Roth
Flew right by the cops so we’re laughing it off
Put it down

[Chorus] x4
Puttin’ it down, puttin’ it down
Puttin’ down coming good with the sound

Feeling low getting high pausing magically
Puttin’ down defying the laws of gravity
Bohemian jealous wanna live in rap city
But city living idiots grime rap shitty
That’s a pity some conform in the north
I’m recording the chorus re-informing the source
Avoiding the law that’s at all of our costs
So real hip-hop listeners who followers are
Going door to door
Flowing four by four
Sixteen bars flipping sick free bars listen if you like it we got more support
Wanna represent all the residence
Of my city like I’m Biggie and its evident
Like the hits I put out it shouldn’t of count
Van coming good with the sound

[Chorus] x4

Put it left put it right put me next in the light
When it’s a bitch have sex with your life
On the bottom and I'm always screwing up
You swallow your feelings and I always spew ‘em up
Some wallow in dealing when it steer you through a bump
I follow my feelings and proceed to smoke a blunt
Lanes they open up brains I open up
Hope a label hits play and aims its loaded gun

{For all the ladies
For all the fellas
For all the haters
We put it down

[Chorus] x4
Track Name: F*ck Money Ish (Prod. Kanye West)
F*ck Money Ish Lyrics

{Make a lot of money
Then I’m, then I’m gonna quit this, quit this crazy scene}

Shaizy up in this bitch, I’m gonna make a lot of money
Uh, uh huh, lets go

{Make a lot of money
Then I’m, then I’m gonna quit this, quit this crazy scene}

Rocking to these words I listen
Money and bitches rap don’t match your description
F*ck the money cop the jurisdiction
With the purest writtens hip-hop my cured addiction

{Make a lot of money
(Make a lot of money)
Then I’m, then I’m gonna quit this, quit this
(Quit this, quit this)
Crazy scene}

Some say I’m too complex
Looking down on these MC’s with two long necks
Winning through contest
I’m right your left tattoo an ‘L’ on your forehead that’s two concepts
(You fucking loser)

{Make a lot of money
Then I’m, then I’m gonna quit this, quit this
(Quit this, quit this)
Crazy scene}

Money ain’t the ends of the means
Cover of the book misrepresented the dream
Now how you supposed to look when on a quest for the green
You living in the now but it’s the end of the week
I wanna

{Make a lot of money
(Make a lot of money)
Then I’m, then I’m gonna quit this, quit this
(Quit this, quit this)
Crazy scene}

Hmm, I’m not sure what to say
I don’t feel like talking got some verses to lay
Is hip-hop dead I say the verdict is nay
I’m earning the stage get ready pull the curtain away
I’m gonna

{Make a lot of money
(Make a lot of money)
Then I’m, then I’m gonna quit this, quit this
(Quit this, quit this)
Crazy scene}

Yeah cash is funding the passion
Ain’t in it for the money boy I'm living for rapping
Fans love me standing for a minute they’re clapping
No matter why I’m in it gon be bringing the cash in

{Make a lot of money
Then I’m, then I’m gonna quit this, quit this crazy scene}

{Make a lot of money
(Make a lot of money)
Then I’m, then I’m gonna quit this, quit this
(Quit this, quit this)
Crazy scene}

Yup, Shai Mate
Track Name: Hip Hop (Prod. Up North Productions)
Hip Hop Lyrics

Shai Mate
Big ups to Up North Productions for the beat

Uh magic raps tripping magical mushrooms
Liquid walls an animal cub woom
Rush fumes got me slitting these rap dudes
Repetition like bus loops you missed it it passed you
Lemme teach you bout some natural history
Genetic bugged like your raps infected muscular dystrophy
Cut your wrists use the blade of my imagery
And big ups to your girl cuz I fucked her now she into me
Listen G life goes on
You still got your weed go smoke on your hydro chron
Grab cam snap pics as I go on
Van city in this bitch jog your memory like a marathon
Lair chill I'm a villain looking devious
Kush don’t tell a nark look like havoc and I reek of it
Don’t let it slip because they is litigious
They also can’t conceive what the meaning of a secret is
Turn your back and I’m chewing on it
Supersonic of rap some hyphy shit man I’m stupid-awesome
Turning tossing in your sleep
I’m a burglar haunting you in your dreams and copping as I creep
Coughing on my weed disappointed by initial
I rock the mic with ease label point where I initial
I really kick flow the boy when spitting is dope
You standing there annoyed cuz you know he gon be hitting the road
World is viciously cold
Heat up the weather channel son I’m switching remotes
Interscope catch me on my cell phone
Decked out in coverall gloves goggles and my shell toes
Hell no ain’t be down on your elbows
Tell hoe’s lets go stick to knees like you Velcro
Cigarillos and blunts through the night
Mary Jane we high as fuck so we gon fuck through the flight
Yeah said we gon fuck through the flight

For real I’m high as fuck right now
And this is for you guys so I hope you enjoy this one

[Chorus] x2
Please listen to my music
All I got I put into it
Hip Hop
Hip Hop

Track Name: My Friends (Prod. Jake One)
My Friends Lyrics

Friends make up my life
I'm the pilot trying get higher but with no plane there’s no flight
But I tend to pack the pipe
Looking for ciphers through the night as I write but ain't no say pass the mic
No play but everything is okay
No zig zags blunts smoking both ways
Out again but this is how it ends
Looking out for my friends, out for my friends look out for my friends

Through my optic lens
Real recognize real I do not pretend
Life’s a racetrack you copped a day pass and lost the race around the awkward bend
Then you talking fake when I know that you lie to me
Trying make me a slave when you’re holding the ivory
Although you were brave denying the piracy straight to my face
Fuck you just admit you make a mistake
(Made a mistake)


Truth is the essence of friendship
Endless new clues and deception cause these detectives to end this
Dude it’s depressing remember we used to meet
By the school in September with skating boots on our feet
Your moms used to greet me open the door
Give us time to eat wake at a quarter to four
Before all the weed and the open report
Of facts that act to see you bring your lawyer to court
But things change with age and you live and you learn
Influences mutate for what this kid is concerned
Rappers explain the act of hustle is pure
You ask ‘steal from friends’ back rebuttal is sure
Unsubtle occurred but then you taught me
We do dumbass things when we feel cocky
Life got many to bring but none gon shock me
Thing is instead of losing one you went and lost three

Track Name: Celebrate (Prod. Jayrox Productions)
Celebrate Lyrics

Fearing being forty in my middle age
Beer on the porch falling short as I drift away
Thinking bout all the years that I pissed away
Blaze to forget my regrets each single day

Ha and wouldn’t that be cliché
Stacking up the cheddar but I wouldn’t have to cheese grate
No day dream it seems to be a dream day
Call me Tony Tiger cuz that would be grrreat
They tell me to live in the moment
Don’t mistaken hesitation make a decision and own it
Kush gone be rolling paper gon be folding
Most potent and hopefully bros and hoes gon think I'm the dopest
I’m a stoner kid Jew joints and blunts overly huge
Making a plan taking a stand living life till over and you
Up in the heavens looking down
Wishing you living life large like a legend blowing pounds
Of kush but no-body seems to kick it and chill
Swimming with the sharks these stars are fishes and krill
Still spill a ghost only blunt smoke basis
Twice till the throne one life don’t waste it

Enjoy your life cuz it could be taken away
Any day of the week
Celebrate with hella drank and weed
Enjoy your life cuz it could be taken away
Any day of the week
We gonna celebrate with hella drank and weed

Hella blazed hella haze hella drank hella days
Left in my life to inspire hella plays
On the radio so what you say we go create some dough
That no matter how much we eat or give away still the cake will grow
Translate to '6'-'0' 4 acres homes
Always in a good mood always eating good food
Always repeating I got nothing to lose
It follow me the sunshine
Don’t know what tomorrow bring but anything ill try it one time
Morals ethics and values
Push your goddamn boundaries to the furthest your aloud to

And don’t burn bridges
Lessons to be learned unfurling these linguistics
Track Name: Food For Thought (Prod. Ghostface Killah)
Food For Thought Lyrics

Shai Mate, hey
So we all haven’t different choices we gotta make
And decide which path we wanna go on but
Right now man I'm not really sure

I fear a career dead end it’s unclear
And I need to expend check spend for one year
See peers feel pressed for tests becomes clear
And I almost got arrested graded ain’t shed one tear
Split up and live it up in university
I still don’t give a fuck hicking ‘em up ‘em rap obscurities
Class halfway receiving plastic surgery
And haven’t heard from me some to be cleaning up the murder scene
Worry free building dreams to be a rapper
Build concealing feeling and schemes to be an actor
Measure contracts or religion and read to be a pasture
Join god’s children oversee natural disasters
Council elected some to be a catcher
Some murders some detectives who investigate their address
But not me check the TV screen see me keeping at it
(That’s right)

[Chorus] x2
Not sure what I'ma be when I grow up
Tattooed on my brain permanent to see that I’ma blow up
Imagine me biting and eat into a donut
Hip hop food for thought and now you gonna know what

School assigned past that last mission
Paint a vivid image how you have phat ambitions
Mad grad transitions
Tell ‘em how you spitting rad zipping glad bags and living to have mad bitches
Doctorates read documents and memorize esophagus
Better or for worse marriage committing you monogamous
Homogenous science lawyers never lose their confidence
Make a proper alliance true to lovers and all your kids
But it’s unimportant
Cases in court of non-stop extortion
Kids strapped on the table in the lab or fortress
Acid tabs tacked to overdose if it absorbs in
Corporate giants stepping on with social issues
City sorta broke and tore economical local tissue
Athletic anesthetic sports more jujitsu
Internal war breaks scale than how we gonna get through
Feel free to preach and hold the answer
Snap my rap will change black to social panthers
Backpack in back of a trailer camper
Or maybe make history and find the cure to cancer
Track Name: Vancity Kid (Prod. AstroLogical)
Van City Kid Lyrics

{It’s going on and on and on
Don’t stop smoke recording till its dawn
Joke a lot music living in my soul
I’m living for music and to live it is my goal
But when things change
I mean it in a big way}

People need to be more creative these days, yeah I know right
Like I’ve seen the same thing all over the place
What the fuck happened to Vancouver ha
Blunts Only, Shai Mate, uh, uh huh, uh, uh huh, look

Out of this world my shit is AstroLogical
Stoned cold rocket launching flow spit atomical
Snowman no man and I’m not abominable
Going in on every verse and rapping till my pocket’s full
Check the website shining bright light like a headlight
Mark what I write with a lead pipe
On point sharp star like a chef’s knife
Guillotine head off meet you in the next life
Rappers test me kicking ever freshly
Best weed stem free hungry munching fresh meat
Grouse flavor waiter pass the check please
Way ahead of my time and chilling in the next week
Kush breathe reek
Hydroponics smell the heavy odor like a dead beast
Correctly we fuck mad hoes
Addictive like a cigarette with sniff crack coke
Freaking sick Syndicate Chris Angel
Wait he’s freaking fake like on his bad show
So gon kick flip the digits till its got mad 0’s
Shout out to ‘A’-‘S’-‘T’-‘R’ and ‘O’

Well that was definitely Better man
Yeah Id have to agree he’s right, you should keep going with this

{It’s going on and on and on and on and on}
Track Name: Yellow Brick Road (Prod. Lord Finesse)
Yellow Brick Road Lyrics

From every corner of the universe, hey

Uh here we go I’m on a yellow brick road
Intelligent flow benevolent folk and fans always yelling at shows
Chemical hoes of creative juice
I cant blaze my own blunts I’m taking deuce
Capable tons when the time is right
Explode on the mic blow like I’m Dynamite
Viral types iller than the sickest patients
Killer’s infiltration
Inner Jason wait and chill his patience
Cuz things take time
Make minds say I’m sunshine in grey sky
Day fried Friday you at the end of the week
Great vibe Shai Mate listen and stress’s are free
Ain’t Just an MC I’m something to see
Make something of me
I’m stuck to the beat my roots the stump of the tree
So don’t clear-cut
Ain’t feeling this forest you got your ears shut

You on a yellow brick road
You kicking step by step
Almost selling your clothes
Your living check by check
One life so you couldn’t resist
Got odds to defy when you shouldn’t persist

Let the needle on the compass swing
The blunted king ring rock redundant bling
Hip-hop ain’t dead naw it’s living in me
Landlord changed rent so I’m bringing it free
Piff a tree on my regular to do list
Finished boos and my liquor collect a new 2’6
Inspired when hearing rap guru’s spit
Relate to my shit
You got a screw loose, twist
Stuck in school well just tackle the facts
Battle the class after class bitch grabbing for ass
Joke cracking and Laugh lockers in the hallway
Knockers in a large way
Stop and starring at ‘em all day
Ha shits changed and that’s all I could say
Hard times ahead but never falling away uh
Uh huh

[Chorus] x2

{There ain’t nothing in your way
There ain’t nothing in your way
There ain’t nothing in your way
There ain’t nothing in your way
There ain’t nothing in your way
There ain’t nothing in your way
There ain’t nothing in your way
There ain’t nothing in your
There ain’t nothing in your way}

No what uh huh
Big ups to Van City man
For being my home and growing the kush
Blunts Only Please
Shai Mate yup